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You’ll find that getting to even 4 reps is a challenge if you’re squeezing as hard as you can and sticking with the tempos.

So read, give the tips a try, and tell me your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

And so, I’ve had to adjust my training, and the article that follows will help you adjust yours so that even if you’re faced with the same predicament you’ll be able to not only save your workouts, but increase your results. In this article you’ll not only learn how to build more muscle with lighter weights when lighter weights are all you have, but you’ll discover how to build more muscle, period, by using your body to increase the tension in the muscles you’re training, heavy weights not needed.

Lifting heavy weights is one way to build muscle, but heavy weights are better for strength and power and athleticism. Training is a funny thing because our bodies are incredible organisms that adapt to the demands being placed upon them.

Aim for anywhere between 4-12 reps with this tempo, the faster the tempo the higher your rep range should be.

And in this case 4-6 reps isn’t a strength set because of the speed at which you’re lifting, the time under tension dictates that it’s a hypertrophy set, and a great one at that.

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