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I've found that heel lifts help the muscles-actually helps control the pain throught the body- Also, doing hamstring exercises help with pain-the creepy crawly skin.

Now I can go out in a small yard and clean the dog poop up every day-https://

Like I said to the pharmacist, "I don't have diabetes. I shouldn't be having this discussion with anybody-and you don't know how long it takes for it to get this out of my body." A person should be able to pick their own poison-everything has good and bad-works good for some-is detrimental to others.

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Threw them out told my doctor no more i will go natural and if i stoke out to bad i don't care as i cannot live in that much pain. Since i quit them i also am not as nauseous either.

I took several different kinds of statins and kept getting the all over pain which I couldn't distinguish from my fibromyalgia or the statins. One study said it didn't protect the cardiovascular system, but he disagreed. You owe it to yourself to try Zetia if you can't take statins.

After having a major stroke, you really wouldn't want one which can paraylze you, stop you from being able to speak, other destructions and death.

Does anybody have a clue about the pins and needles sensation?

Added : I found out today that simivastatin stays in the system longer than other brands-longer half life-and it penetrates the muscles deeper.

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