Aba teen dating violence

Abuse may include insults, coercion, social sabotage, sexual harassment, stalking, threats and/or acts of physical or sexual abuse.

The abusive partner uses this pattern of violent and coercive behavior to gain power and maintain control over the dating partner.

Non-Profit organization offering personal and pre-employment drug screens, individual or group counseling in relationships, drug abuse, sexual abuse, anger management. Psychiatric Nursing services including psychosocial counseling, coping skills, medication management, crisis prevention and referrals, client and caregiver education and guidance, and coordination of care with providers.

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Partial Hospitalization Program; Group and/or individual psychotherapy; Medication management and education; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Illness Education; Coping Skills; Life Skills; Activity Therapy; Family counseling if needed; Community Resource Need Assessment; Transportation options available.

BIALA is a non profit organization whose focus is to create a better future for individuals with brain injury and their families.

Provides Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing for chronically homeless persons, with a range of disabilities, and families experiencing homelessness for the first time.

Also offers services including outreach to the homeless.

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