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Around midday on Thursday the ship finally began to enter the channel leading to its final destination in Mobile.

Disaster struck temporarily around 2pm when the lead tug’s tow rope snapped but it was quickly fixed.

The organizer will bring plenty of coloring pages and pencils/markers for those who don’t have their own.

The group will get together to color, socialize, and meet new people who also love to color.

‘In the motor coaches, guests will find water, boxed lunches, coloring books and games for children.’Room smells like an outhouse. The first dramatic pictures, taken from helicopters on Thursday morning, showed exhausted passengers huddled together wearing bathrobes for warmth and hanging SOS signs from their balconies on board the crippled ship.

Cold water only, toilets haven't work in 3 1/2 days. Horrendous pictures have emerged of the putrid conditions on board the Carnival cruise ship as beleaguered passengers spent five days at sea experiencing overflowing sewage, unbearable stenches and makeshift beds in hallways.

They company said it will cover all transportation costs.Passengers are supposed to get a full refund and discounts on future cruises along with an additional 0 in compensation.The friends had driven from their homes in Texas to Alabama so that they could welcome their young daughters home. Can't's cold & I'm starting to get sick.'Vivian Tilley, whose sister Renee Shanar is on the ship, said she told her the that cabins were hot and smelled like smoke from the engine fire, forcing passengers to stay on the deck. The Mobile Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau has shut up shop so that all staff could assist in Operation Save the Day.Phone banks and laptop stations were set up in the Terminal, water, refreshments and catering…the statement from Carnival trilled. Can't's cold & I'm starting to get sick.

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