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You'll be able to import your i Photo library in five easy steps -- with all of your keywords and adjustments intact. Once a face is detected and identified, Faces can recognize that face and then scan your entire library -- or individual projects -- to find others just like it. The more you use Faces, the smarter and more accurate it gets, making it easier to find shots of a particular person Aperture 3 expands on the power of Faces in i Photo '09.

Not only can you view the people you name across the entire library, you can now see them in individual projects.

This is where Aperture's powerful metadata and search tools come into play.

You'll be able to manually add keywords to images, locate an image by its timestamp, the camera used, the lens used, and other criteria.

Interested in sharing your work, via a print, photo album, slideshow, or web gallery? You can send an image to your printer with ease -- with full support for calibrated devices and custom color profiles.

You'll be able to design a custom photo album and have it printed professionally by Apple, or exported as a PDF so you can have it printed by whomever you'd like.

Simply create a different project for each job or client, and you'll find it much easier to locate and keep track of images.

If you ever need to go back and access photos for reprints or a gallery show, you can easily load the Aperture library containing the archived project.Aperture is an excellent option for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals alike.It even provides an easy upgrade path for users who currently use i Photo to manage their photo collection.And the new Show Unnamed Faces pane displays all the detected-but-not-yet-named faces in a project to help you easily add names If you're shooting with a GPS-enabled camera, Aperture 3 uses reverse geocoding to convert location coordinates into familiar location names, then displays those locations on the Places map.If you're using a separate GPS tracking device, the path of your photo journey appears on the map when you import a track log.

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