Are daphne and wilke dating

So far this episode has been my favorite of all the ABCFamily spring finales I’ve seen this season. Katherine, being the wise mom that she is, gives some advice that she should have given her past self way back when.

) Brighter Than The Sun - Colbie Caillat(This song is heard when Bay and Emmett find Bay's birth certificate.I Saw Them - In Waves This song is heard when Bay isn't impressed with Ty's apology and when John pressures Daphne at Basketball practice.The Girls Of Athens - Pet Lions This song is heard when John watches Daphne practice basketball and meets Melody the basketball coach.You Bring Me Home - Brandon Chandler This song is heard when Bay apologizes to Daphne.Daphne in return gives Bay a photo of Regina when she was pregnant.第四集1Sunshine - Lucas Grabeel This song is heard when Emmett, Tony and Wilke play in the band 2Uh-Huh I Think You Know It - Alisha This song is heard when Kathryn gives Regina advice about Bruce.

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