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Matsuura was a co-host of the musical variety show Utawara Hot Hit 10.

She was also the main protagonist in the movie, Sukeban Deka Codename = Asamiya Saki. P members in acting, having also been in over half a dozen TV dramas.

It was learned on the 3rd that Tachibana Keita (27), the main vocalist of the 3-member unit w-inds., will be marrying Matsuura Aya (27).

They will be submitting their marriage registration on the 4th and holding their ceremony in Hawaii this fall.

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Many of the sources and mutual friends of theirs gave their well wishes, saying, "They really are a well-matched couple.During the press event for the release of his photobook, "KEITA 24/7" in June, Tachibana was asked about his views on marriage and responded, "I want to have a married life with pure feelings".Even when someone called out, "Is the relationship going well?However, two summers ago she announced that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis for the past four years.Her work has been largely put on hold this past year or so, but she attended a local live event for her fanclub last month and showed everyone that she was well.

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