Biker chick dating Chathot cam

(whatever the reason)Result - messages incoming have increased substantially, whether or not it's based on that exclusion or the extra time needed to get found by more people, it's your call.

I just wanted to chime in about the motorcycle issue you brought up and others failed to really touch upon.

OPIt's good that you stated your preferential age at 50 to 62.

I do own a bike and have not come across ANY men in their 80s riding a bad ass bike, for that matter, even in their mid to late 70s.

Onlythis, You stated that when you grew up you put away those toy's!!!

what a load of crap ,you just moved on to something else .

I guess if you made it clear that a man's being a biker(or "motorcycle enthusiast", if that's a less prejudicial term) is not a required "must have" for you, it shouldn't limit your response.

I guess if you want a professional man that really is into Motorcycles, maybe put that as blurb in your profile.

I will try to find the motorcycle thread for you, it was an interesting read. I hate to be discouraging,but most 60 year old guys aren't looking to trade up 20 years.

I would like to ask "only this" why he, as a professional man would say that by my mentioning a motorcycle in my profile would be an instant pass........would you pass - very curious...........thanksthanks to others for your great responses........ Best park your bike at the old folks home and hope for the best.sorry.

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It has been suggested that I rewrite my profile, picture does not match the profile.

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