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Head over to his page, give him some love, and convince him to stick around!The other holy paladin blogger is Dreamy from Drunkard’s Regalia.Her style is completely unique, and, in my opinion, a refreshing change from the many more formal blogs out there. If you’re looking to add some spice to your blog reading, Drunkard’s Regalia is a good place to start.Oh, and I fixed the link to the Paladin forum at Plus Heal. Welcoming our new Retribution brother We have a new retribution blogger! Chronicles of a Casual (and don’t let the name fool you, he is a raider, a dps paladin, and informative) fills in a huge gap in the paladin community by writing, with a teachy approach, about his adventures as a ret pally, both in raids and with the target dummy.She shares her observations, be they about tanking or about the people she meets or about the general game in frequent, juicy, meaty posts.

I’m not sure if I just stumble across Holy blogs more than Ret or Prot blogs because I’m Holy, or if it’s just that us healer-types are chattier. It’s not paladin centric, but Eade healing-centric.I aim for active blogs on general topics and/or blogs of more personal friends (because, yes, it’s my blog and if I want to play favorites, I’m totally allowed). If you’re a long time Wo W blog reader, you might recognize the writing style of More Bars Than You‘s Skip Cocoa.He’s a close irl friend of mine, and more importantly, a fantastic writer with an endless imagination. The other blog I added is Healer by Nature by my guildy, raid leader and friend (I hope! I’d require a tad more frequent posting for a blogroll listing, but because Thes is awesome, he gets to be an exception. As mentioned in my intro, I’m totally open to shameless self promotion.And if you have a blog yourself, please remind us to add it.We will only add blogs that are actively updating at least once a month. In other news, I added a recent comments widget to the sidebar.

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