Cambodja sexslave

"Much more [trafficking] goes on in labour or domestic work.It's quite literally the 'sexiest' topic, and it's something that really bothers people - which it should, but it's not the largest."Helen Sworn, the founder of anti-trafficking coalition Chab Dai, noted that other researchers have disputed Steinfatt's findings and methodology, though added that Steinfatt's estimate "was the best available number" before laws introduced in 20 that caused "a significant shift underground of incidents, which was not addressed in the previous research".

"Funding has always been a challenge for those who don't exploit the dignity of others, so maybe this just makes for a more democratic platform where it will be equally challenging."Mam's embellishments have also distracted attention from the very serious problems Cambodia still faces, including the structural reasons why 1,058 women and girls might be forced into prostitution and why sex work is often seen as the best job available., "We don't believe prostitution is a legitimate form of work".The Asian men who buy sex with Cambodian virgins The charity’s founder Don Brewster was quoted in the report as saying that Svay Pak was “at one point the epicentre” of the child sex trade.He said things had improved in recent years but that some trade in minors still occurred behind closed doors.Cambodian women rescued from sex slavery in Japan Hun Sen and nationalists seized on an early version of CNN’s online report which described the girls as Cambodian, when in fact they either spoke Vietnamese or Khmer with a thick Vietnamese accent.CNN later removed the word Cambodian from their headline.

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