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They want to remember how life has been, they cannot accept that it is passing by so quick and feel they may have missed out thus far!

Therefore trying to compensate by seeking something maybe unavailable in the wrong places!

For example, do not go around trying to picture yourself as some sort of genius if you spent your life selling cigs and magazine in a corner shop. Born: William Bradley Pitt December 18, 1963 (age 54)Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.

S. No, he is 54 and he doesn't look 70? It is in all and sundry a "Free dating site" and is open to anyone of any age, creed, looks, sexuality, intelligence and people who can seem to age at different rates. Agreed the standard of people on here can be perceived as not top-notch, but it is what it is! Or indeed their friends say that they "Don't look their age" I agree with the others on here.

That individual is a bit delusional, their friends are being kind or they're just not accepting of their own ageing rate.

I found two wonderful prospective people, and made some friends. All information on this website remains the copyright of

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