Dating a guy with add

Go ahead, add them on Gchat and if it’s your thing, Snapchat.Gchat takes some of the pressure off of your interactions – fleeting instant messages in the middle of the day are easy and breezy.So if we’re not looking at you right in the eyes when we are having a conversation, don’t think we’re trying to give you the cold shoulder.Although we may have difficulties with communication, we still need you to be as open with us as possible to avoid misunderstandings. Sarcasm can sometimes go over our heads and when it does, know that we truly want to understand.Love me for the person I am and I’ll do the same with you.### It seems simple enough: those with social media accounts share their thoughts, accomplishments, banal interactions, and cat GIFs from Reddit with anyone who will be their internet friend.

Facebook stalk cautiously and try not to get jealous.

Just try not to narrate your day for the new person in your life; you should probably doing some work anyway, right?

Snapchat is fun because it implies something a little naughty (after all, those images only last for five seconds, people), but it doesn’t require anything sexual.

Just be open and tell your new special someone that you’ve got a big project/meeting/etc. Instagram seems harmless, but it’s often used as visual Foursquare, with people giving away their whereabouts via picture.

If you’re the sort of person who’s attached to either of these social media platforms, you know how quickly they can out you for telling your boss a little white lie about being sick when you’re really sampling every flavor of ice cream at a diner you found on your awesome last-minute, spontaneous road trip.

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