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Evergreen Protest, May 5,at We have considered all of the protesters arguments in support of their position, and find that none provides a basis to sustain the protest.In a negotiated procurement, such as this one, an agency has broad authority to decide whether to cancel a solicitation, and to do so, need only establish a reasonable basis.

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While Evergreen believes that the evaluation errors it alleged in its protest could have been easily and quickly addressed by the agency, the agency explains why this was not the case.

However, as latvian dating agency fully discussed below, the agency maintains that it simply did not have time to conduct a reevaluation of proposals and make a new best-value determination prior to its need for SEAT aircraft at the start of the fire season.

Because, according to the agency, a reevaluation was not feasible given the short timeframe, and another procurement vehicle was in place to fulfill its needs, the agency cancelled the solicitation.

The agency points to "significant duplication of costs" stemming from the mobilization latvian dating agency demobilization costs of multiple contractors.

In addition, the active firefighting aircraft ostensibly procured latvian dating agency an on-call contract would have to be replaced with a new crew under the exclusive-use contract that did not possess the "specific operational knowledge and experience" click to see more the previous crew.

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