Dating drama quotes

While this might seem exciting, it's definitely not healthy.

With a history of relationships like these, it's no wonder that stable, honest men who love us and would never dream of hurting us seem kind of bland in comparison. You've got to get over it, because — believe me — GOOD GUYS are where it's at!

They will help you with whatever you're going through.

We start to endure the lows because we're living for the highs.

The problem for drama addicts is that once they meet a worthy partner, they can't seem to enjoy the relationship fully.

In an unhealthy relationship, it’s common for a drama addict to focus on their significant other's happiness so much that they neglect their own needs.

And once you get your self-esteem in check, you're halfway there.

Once you believe that you deserve real love and respect, the other half is getting used to how that feels.

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