Dating dreaming about another girl

Your journey to self-discovery is so unique and so special. Sometimes our thoughts go to wild places, but it doesn't mean we have to.Unless you are having recurring dreams like this, its usually nothing, but experimenting with your sexuality is a totally normal and natural thing to do. It could mean absolutely nothing, or that part of you has been thinking about any part of the dream (like that person, or kissing in general, or feelings about that person, etc), or it could mean that you want to kiss that person.

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Dreaming about kissing or even having sex with somebody of the same gender as you could mean a number of things. Sometimes people who are completely heterosexual fantasize about having relations with people of the same gender, and it doesn't always mean anything! if so then that'd be an indication that you're not heterosexual. Do you feel a pull or allure toward that gender when you're awake and aware? If not, your dream was probably just one of those odd dreams, or has a meaning completely unrelated to what actually happened in it. You can do whatever you want with it, think about how it made you feel and how you'd feel about doing that for real, and perhaps act on it if you want to. Your brain thinks of crazy things, and maybe it could be nothing. Having said that, however, just because you dream you kiss someone of the same sex does not mean it holds any truth or points to anything about you.I have dreamt of seriously injuring someone in my dreams before, and that doesn't make me any more likely to do that in real life. It probably doesn't really mean anything about your sexuality, sometimes in dreams you are a completely different person.You know what your sexuality is, you don't need a dream to choose how you feel for you.If I should have a dream about a new experience, which I would never ordinarily have in my waking life, then I am able to experience that, and derive a lesson from it, without the consequences of actually committing the action.In essence, dreams are ways in which our minds can approach different subjects, which it may have deep emotions around, and attempt to resolve any issues with, while suffering minimally due to the dreams' incorporeal nature. I think the most important thing you could do is to validate the experience you had and reflect on what you're open to it meaning for you.

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