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Who else could rub their hands together fast enough to turn sand into glass? Transformers Generation 1 was a firestorm for the cartoon market. Was there ever more of a recognizable robot in all of cartoon fiction that Optimus Prime?He-Man is the ubermanch of the modern cartoon world. He is referenced everywhere in modern TV and for good reason.Looking back, I think we should have taken it more seriously than just being for primary school pupils. It is a solemn vow that one promises to keep and fulfill. Meaning that, the nation Nigeria is supposed to be personalized by every citizen.You can`t ever take anything about Nigeria too personal because it is ‘your Nigeria and my Nigeria. You and I pledged to be faithful, loyal and honest.Almost everyone who grew up in post-independence Nigeria can remember saying this pledge every morning at school.

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Faithfulness is simply a measure of how dependable a person is, especially when things are bad.

Coincidentally, there was a local band back in the mid-nineties called Liquid Azrael who did a mean cover of Sesame Street’s 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12. I thought that was entirely smurfing relevant to the discussion (smurfing smurf-holes…). The production quality of the show was great and would set the benchmark for all the other great Disney cartoons that would soon follow it.

The show began the great Disney Afternoon timeslot run, which included many great shows such as Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, and Gargoyles.

This faulty perception is clearly against the vow we took in the primary school to be faithful, loyal and honest to Nigeria.

Anyway, notwithstanding how bad things may seem for us as a country, I see hope (not referring to the book written by a former head of state). Men and women who are renewing the pledge they took in primary school.

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