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She feels his eye on her as she returns to the blanket.

xxxxxxx When Kazuma comes home the next evening, Yukina has set the table with tea and snacks and is knitting her second cat toy.

Seeming to mistake her dizziness for disappointment, Botan pats her shoulder.

Were Yukina not already pulling herself inward to stay upright, it would have taken more effort not to jerk away.“Oh, Dear, Keiko’s got a sweetheart, why don’t you ask her?

If she wants to know, she has to ask the person it concerns. She’s not used to this kind of conversation, made more awkward by such a prolonged miscommunication. Though he’s sat, Kazuma hasn’t touched the snacks, a sure sign he realizes something is wrong.

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Maybe it’s no longer enough to assume that she and her new friends are having fun. She doesn’t want to hurt Kazuma, after all.xxxxxxx Yukina doesn’t know Yusuke very well, but he’s Kazuma’s best friend, so if anyone besides Shizuru understands him, surely it’s him.

Since she started the first, she’s been planning what to say.

Even the wisest and most loving people she knows have not been able to give her a straight answer.

It’s a wonder she’s not more disheveled, with all the flying she does.

Yukina is still trying to get her bearings from the brief ride Botan took her on, though the city lights twinkled beautifully from above, like multi-colored snowflakes.“I see,” Yukina says.

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