Dating man with child

Worse, he keeps forgetting that he’s made plans with you!He is unreliable in case of a crisis and unlikely to have any respect for your time or anyone else’s.When he’s in his early twenties, this is lazy, at best, but when he’s nearing forty, it’s just plain scary! His finances are in a mess A natural consequence of not having any plans for your future is having a messy financial situation.

Grown men with real jobs and goals are ‘boring’ or ‘uptight’ and they’d rather hang with their ‘bros’.He often refers to women in degrading terms, and mostly in objectifying tones.He’s also quite likely to put his pleasure and desires first, physically speaking, which can end up being frustrating over time. His clothes belong in a fifteen-year-old’s wardrobe Remember the cool, laid-back guy we talked about earlier?A child-like innocence in an adult may seem adorable, but when the childishness extends to all aspects of his life, you may be in for a little more ‘child’ than ‘man’.It’s not really that hard to spot a man-child; for instance, take a look at the picture below and see if you can find the odd ‘man-child’ out: This is an important sign of a man-child – the sheer inability to just sit and talk seriously about something that’s important.

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