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His designer Panama hats are inspired by classic styles, subtly modified to be beautifully compatible with contemporary fashions. But I was pretty confident I could match the general look. The (AC) means “Air Conditioned.” Instead of having a solid weave like the hat above, the crown of this hat alternates open spaces and solid weave to create designs. I wanted to keep the classic styling while giving the hat a less “blocky” look than was the norm in the ’40’s.

Update: After about a year, Pierani decided she wanted a non-wobbly, more orderly brim. The wobbly brim is one of those things that requires a lot of effort to make it look effortless. My Monte Carlo is blocked and styled by hand, so the brim edge gets a full curl (instead of just turning up). It’s interesting to me that most men prefer to blend in and most women prefer to stand out. I can easily picture you wearing it with a black pants suit. I offer five different Fedora styles of Montecristi Panama hats. It is, to me, the most elegant, most classic of all.

But as this drawing shows, it was still common to see frock coats during the day.

It also remained common for gentlemen to pair mismatched separates instead of a suit, particularly common was fawn or light brown trousers with black coats.

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The 1870's saw the rise of the sack suit to widespread popularity, on any street many fashionable young men could be seen in narrowly tailored sack suits.

His had a relatively tall crown, which is usually less flattering. His wife (Eleanor Parker) looked even better in hers. Optimistic with a touch of schoolgirl flirtatiousness. The Downing Street is very similar to the Homburgette. It’s always fascinating to me how one simple difference creates a completely different look.

See movie clip Charlton Heston wore a wider brim version with an almost flat crown top in his portrayal of a South American plantation owner in . Keep in mind that the color you see on your monitor may not be the exact color of the ribbon.

Most distinctive of this era is the slim cravat with very small bow tie as seen on the gentleman in the back left.

Also, notable is the hairstyle, cut very short and oiled flat.

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