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On one of those occasions, he should have been responding to a call to a man who was threatening to throw a petrol bomb.Reid looked up information on her ex partner on the police national database, as well as texting her about what he had done that day including telling her the names of criminals that he had arrested.They were based on several images that seemed to show the officer's right hand frozen in motion, and many believed he wore a prosthetic to conceal a gun he was holding under his coat.But that has now been disproven thanks to another image and video that shows the officer bending one of his fingers.In March 1981, only two months after his inauguration, President Ronald Reagan escaped an assassination attempt in Washington.

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Earlier Mr Hayhoe told the court that Ms Harper and Reid had slept together on at least three occasions while he was on duty, and that she had brought him a bottle of whisky and a T-shirt for his birthday in April 2009.

"The serious nature arises because as a police officer, you have a duty, you have a trust reposed in you by not only your force, but also by the public.

"It's necessary for the public to have complete faith and trust in police officers because as an officer you have been given considerable power, responsibility and privileges. "You can expect to be called upon to assist emergencies rather than being incapacitated in the way that you were by engaging in a sexual affair.

He was dismissed from the force after the affair was uncovered, and also admitted that he had boasted about criminals he was arresting and used the police national database to find out information about Miss Harper's former partner.

Reid wept as a judge agreed to suspend his nine-month prison sentence for a year saying he had "considerably punished himself" and was lucky to have the support of his wife who is standing by him.

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