Dating sharing food

Do you need another reason to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch?Eh, with that plot teaser, maybe say no to the popcorn for this one. You’re in sync in the bedroom and know what makes her tick. Even if you’re an accountant and your office stories are a bit dull. You can tell her your most shameful secrets and know that they will go no further. She buys the best, most thoughtful gifts that you didn’t even realise you wanted until you receive them. She knows her own mind and respects your opinion and a difference of views is a good point of discussion and not the start of an argument. She doesn’t get jealous when you work with a pretty colleague or meet a female friend for drinks because she trusts you totally. She doesn’t just support your career, she takes an interest in it. He adds candy and crushed toaster pastries to his leftover spaghetti for breakfast.He downs a whole two-liter soda in one massive gulp.With all the power in the story and the acting, the food packs an almost equal punch.

Will Ferrell plays Buddy, an elf who leaves the North Pole for New York City to find his real father.In one scene, the movie’s main characters visit a shop, order basically everything on the menu, and Mac Dowell’s character sings, “pie, me oh my, I love pie.” That’s enough to hook us.This beautifully filmed movie stars Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz and Norah Jones, who also performs much of the music on the soundtrack.It’s not the most appetizing food scene in film, but it certainly is memorable.John Travolta trades his Saturday Night Fever dancing shoes for angel wings and a roadtrip in this touching story also starring Andie Mac Dowell, who hails from Gaffney, South Carolina, right down the road from #Foodie Score’s home base.

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