Dating someone with fetal alcohol effects

We've learned lots of things on how to cope with FASD.

The teachers help us to understand about FASD, about behaviours and characteristics.

Orville Living with FASD takes a whole community to raise a child because they need a lot of tender loving care.

They need people that have lots of patience and time.

The following adults wanted to share their stories on what life has been like for them growing up with FASD.

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What I love here in Canada is we still take care of the young and old who suffer from disorders with communities working together in this day and age to help reduce the problem. I have the potential to do my schoolwork with teacher support and some guidance. The future looks much brighter for me and we'll see where we go from here.We've learned to help ourselves so it's easier for us.The Focus class has taught me how to be committed and dedicated to the class and to my work. We want to be treated nice and not that we are nothing or that we are no counts.A child in school has a difficult time learning if the teachers don't understand the disability of FASD. When we were with my parents they did their best to take care of us.A child that lives with FASD may be judged or called names like dumb or stupid. Every two weeks I pay bills such as hydro, natural gas, phone, and cable. They had their bad days, they drank and took care of us at the same time, but that's probably how they grew up.

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