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They are sometimes referred to "Leakesville Firenzas", made in Peavey's Leakesville factory from 19, roughly the same timeframe as the Wolfgang which was also produced there.

The Gold Laces (50's Strat sound) on this model are the same pickups used on the Clapton and Buddy Guy signature models and both player toured with their stock pickups for many years.

The AX, for example, retailed for 8, including case.

There was also an entry level "Impact-Firenza" which was a lower priced model.

Cosmetically it's in nice shape for over 25 years, with just some a few dimples and scratches in the clearcoat, most of which well buff out prior to shipping. Includes original case with center twist lock missing, and trem arm. Limited Edition model with British Racing Green covering.

The recent AC-4 is a modern update of the cherished '61 Vox AC-4, which was the bottom of the AC line but still a fine amp in its own right.

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