Dating website diabetics

The factor that is the biggest problem in dating is food, but it isn't that hard to cope with dietary restrictions -- because the major restriction isn't what you can eat but how much of certain things you can have.

Fast food places are always a problem, but with a little education and experience you can learn which menu items are best; you can also just decide that you won't eat the complete serving, especially with high-carbohydrate foods.

Many of us could do the same if we had the same discipline; unfortunately, most of us, myself included, don't.

One thing I'm taking away from your post is the way your friend finds physical activity that's fun.

He got to the point where he lost a lot of weight, and was able to keep his sugar levels under 100.

That allowed him to be able to get rid of the medication, albeit sticking to the diet and exercise.

And it isn't all that difficult, because it all adds up.

Just walking from the car to the cineplex to see a popular movie counts -- and if the place is busy, you'll probably have to park more than a few steps from the ticket window anyway.

The big difference for him is, he is able to manage his diabetes with diet and exercise alone.(The Dark Knight Rises, or any other movie showing at the same multi-screen theater, should mean a packed parking lot so you're almost certain to have to park some distance away.)Alcohol is a problem. Second, it can interact with some diabetes medications to cause a dramatic drop in blood glucose, and hypoglycemia can be dangerous.If you're on metformin, never drink too soon after taking a dose, don't drink too much, and don't even think about driving after drinking.If necessary, take along your medication so you can take a dose at your regular time.(With some oral medications, it's advisable to take them about 30 minutes before eating; you can always carry bottled water in your car and take them before meeting your date.)Suggest dating activities that actually involve some physical activity.

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