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The actual ‘content’ that the device contains, all of it in specific binary code, is transposed onto a computer, which can then be widely transmitted to any point in cyberspace.This is often where ownership and copyright problems arise.Perhaps a stocking on the knob Of the door; though I am alone, I wish not to be disturbed and only To sit, and observe.For you are the apple of my eye And I wish, to consume your delicious red hide. My spirits slipped; uncaring, left to Freeze in the streets; fallen.If you think of a person – any person with any characteristics, any personality, any physique – there is a high chance that someone probably exists somewhere.Sites like e Harmony with their 480-question survey help to seek that ‘imagined’ individual out (granted that the individual is engaging in similar activity online) in order to initiate a relationship if so desired., 20G Blog Response 3 The metaphorical saying “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” evokes visions of a empathetic mother cheering up her teenaged son or daughter after they have just ‘gotten out’ of a relationship, in an attempt to alleviate the confusion and heartache.Repeating metaphors relating to the sea are not suitable to these circumstances; for instance, “the one that got away” would likely be an appropriate metaphor that the dejected young person would use to describe his or her circumstances.

Sighing occasionally, Looking both ways before crossing the street. But the sidewalks are a littered salty lick And the wide-eyed deer, frozen in fear, Are poised-dodging traffic. — and this is muzak to my ears; a steady Streamline from the streets and the roads The peeling of rubber, and lawns being mowed.

If a man is attracted to a woman by her appearance as seen through a profile picture, and if physical appearance is his chief motivation, he can lie about himself to her as easily as he did on the questionnaire itself.

If e Harmony and other dating sites introduced a video conferencing option or something of a similar nature, it might allow participants to initiate a ‘face-to-‘face’ interaction when and if they feel confident and comfortable enough to do so.

Websites like just a couple of such sites that are fast becoming part of an acceptable practice in North America, with articles like Anna Mulrine’s “” and Katelyn Mc Kenna and John Bargh’s “Plan 9 From Cyberspace: The Implications of the Internet for Personality and Social Psychology” offering evidence that suggests that this shift in human communication and relationship formation is anything but a passing fad. opposites really attract” (Mulrine 134), but it is quite clear that this metaphor can no longer stand in for the reality: “the Internet vastly expands the range and variety of interaction partners” (Mc Kenna and Bargh 197) because of the selective processes these sites require upon sign-up.

Following that, their research shows that “we tend to be more attracted to those who are similar to us and who share our opinions” (Mc Kenna and Bargh 200).

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    Not that we suspect Helen will mind as she is currently dating another footballer, Swansea City star Scott Sinclair, who she started dating a few months after splitting from Wabara in December 2009.

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    The actual ‘content’ that the device contains, all of it in specific binary code, is transposed onto a computer, which can then be widely transmitted to any point in cyberspace.

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