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I liked to see her putting a small vibration toy or a cucumber inside and enjoying that…

During this two years I got to know what she liked, how she liked it.

She is a short peroxide blonde with a large bosom, she is 52 but still very sexy; though in usual life she is a hard-working and affectionate wife.

We’ve been living in the same apartment for two years and I’ve always had an erection when I see her big-sized panties.

So I didn’t even hope to have a slightest chance to make it out with such a gorgeous milf!

At that moment I thought she was the sexiest and horniest mature lady all over the planet, and that the cock fucking her was the luckiest organ all around! When my beloved introduced me to his father he was 44.

It was a young tall black raven haired woman, with tall large breast and tight ass.

(more…) Popularity: 9% Can you imagine what a life in a nursing home is like? Alexander, an old man, who had lived here for about 2 years, was angry because he was finding it difficult to make friends. He couldn’t get friends with his room mate Andrew, who was 77 years old. Even at his age of 69, Alexander was not impotent at all.

What do old men do there when they want to have some fun? He had awoken many nights with a hard, throbbing cock.

I wondered many time what it felt like to bang such a hot and sultry woman, but never let myself dare have a mere wish to fuck her! Back than he has been a widower for almost 10 years.

For her age, she looked more than younger than any other mature women, she was just what any horny young guy might dream of. My husband’s mother died when he was 8 and he was brought up by his father, this made them close, and he adores his dad. We dated for like a month and we decided to get married.

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