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I was hoping that’ll keep me busy until the 27th (which is when sakusaku is released), but I guess that won’t work out well…OMGTHISTITLEISSOGOOD*CRY* Title: Lovely x Cation 2 Producers: Hibiki Works Release Date: April 26, 2013 VNDB Link: Getchu Link: Nakiges and Utsuges are both portmanteaus in the Japanese language to refer to crying and depressing games respectively.Both types can include sexual content as well but only for the purpose of expanding and highlighting the development of relationships in the game.In addition to this, I learned rather late that the “cation” is pronounced “cay-shun”, not “cat-ion” as in the positively charged ion.

Euphoria is somewhat bordering between the lines of grotesque, sexual, and drama at the same time. From the original game, Tomoyo After depicts the story of the relationship between Okazaki Tomoya and Tomoyo Sakagami.Overall though, I found this title was pretty much a copy-paste of another dating sim I found to be good, Lovely x Cation 2, so that was something I didn’t appreciate. With his parent’s death, his older sister takes him in and brings him to the countryside, where she promises would be the last “relocation”, and encourages him to form relationships here.While Aki hates many things about the countryside including bugs or the lack of convenience stores, he is still grateful to his older sister for bringing him here, and genuinely decides to foster relationships he thought he wouldn’t be able to form during his school years. No Shiina, you can’t settle down on that bench Foreword: So it’s really hard to believe that this game came from Hibiki Works, mainly due to the fact that my first experience with them was Px C.Imagine waking up in a locked room and having no methods of escaping or any ways of identifying their location.That is the situation that Takato Keisuke finds himself in.

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