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You can find this out by asking the people around you each day.

Sprint Sprint's unlimited plan is a fantastic price - just a month. This means that your videos will stream in a "mobile optimized" quality, basically about DVD quality. I don't like artificial barriers between me and the best technology out there.

In my experience, I don't think it's as good as T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T's.

T-Mobile T-Mobile has been very competitive in the past few years and their response to the Verizon Unlimited plan was fast and furious.

Within hours of Verizon's announcement, T-Mobile sweetened their unlimited deal, which costs a month and includes all of your taxes and fees.

The company added two key features to it's unlimited plan - HD video streaming and 10 gigs of LTE mobile hotspot.

You can pay an additional a month to step up to HD video so the plan is more in line with T-Mobile's pricing.

You can also save a ton if you get multiple lines - I kid you not - 5 lines with Sprint are just a month (total! As for Sprint's network, well the quality is debatable.

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