Friends reunited dating delete account

To me it's something to do with people not wanting to feel "left out", "being unworthy" or "hoping for some kind of instant recognition".I felt for a while that it could either be cut down to a simple enough service to be profitable from ads alone, building volume that way - the hosting requirements, done properly, should be trivial - or ...We have had lots of fun times in the chatrooms and it was a tearful, an of an era feeling for us on Monday the last day before Friends Reunited changed.Luckily another site has come to our rescue, All Join The biggest threat that Face Book presents to the IT sector is that it WILL float the majority of its shares (not merely the token effort announced so far) and that WILL suck 0Bn from the daft, rich and easily led investors.Soon follweed by a FR-style plunge off the financial cliff.At the time the Social Media sites were not too popular and I think that there was no real "tracking" or selling of information behind the users back, at least not to the scale that it is nowadays.A couple of people contacted me and I realized very quickly how boring the conversations become.

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The problem was that you couldn't "delete" your account, all you could do was block the emails and requests.

But they could do no more without paying so, as I did, they pretty much never used the site again.

Had it not charged perhaps it might still be going strong today...

Walled gardens do work, but separating each plant with a smaller wall didn't.

Hard to see how they can recover against the insurmountable 'good enough' giant which is Facebook...

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