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Click to download one or both of the versions: 1024x768 - 2048x1536 . ;) First of all, here you have a couple of sites which you should visit in order to improve your skills in Sup Com2. this big XP ( experimental ) turns out to be amphibious.

By the way, I'll post on this very page a couple of extra comments on the following game concepts: The new Economy System.

=) I pass you some few links as well: Full DLC details at gamereplays with pictures! Full DLC details Steam Game page Sup Com 2 videos, articles, dev posts and more! Do not miss this and see you all in the battlefield!!

I took some few screen shots for your all pleasure.

You will find more details about this AI into the AI file.

The AI works surprisingly well on this kind of terrain, and seems to have no difficulty finding it's way across the the many river crossings and slopes.

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Supreme Commander 2 - Defending Platform from Drop Pod Mechs Gameplay Movie.

You can see the included text file and opening for some notes at the top on how the AI works and what it is capable of.

The AI for these maps is actually a custom hover/air AI written by .

There's a lot of content to check out on the game there. Notice that registered users will have access to exclusive Gremlins again... Also fixed a couple missing mini-maps on the Maps Section. Another interesting piece is the way the coast transitions work, allowing easy transitions between shallow and cliff-like coastal sections.

Just download and play the demo to get your self introduced in the technology, so you may enable its dynamic content and, if required, to download the Flash plug-in without any problem. Get current on the latest Supreme Commander information. if you do not have it installed yet then you'll be redirected to its installation page. Mechanically it works well, with the existing part I of the tile-set offering a stupendous variety of rivers and sinkholes (both low and high) to play with.

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