Great expectatons dating

I paid my money and I really want my money's worth.' Phyllis Gordon, 36, a sales representative, said she met the man she now is living with at Great Expectations.

'It sure beats hanging around bars and discos,' she said.

'I never had a bad time,' he said of the more than 30 women he dated in the first four months.When they find someone interesting, they enter a private booth in the firm's offices and watch a videotape of their prospective date being interviewed by Ullman. Clients are delighted by the novelty of being able to choose someone out of a book, watch them on a TV screen, and then have a neutral party find out if they want to date them, without being rejected face-to-face.The process eliminates married people, homosexuals and 'the emotionally walking wounded,' Ullman said.Clients are usually secure people with high personal esteem who delight in new experiences, he said.Ullman developed the concept in 1975 after observing that many singles had problems finding good dates.

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