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"Wise Australian: "I think I am."Phil: "I'm Crocodile Dunphy!

" ____________________ STORY 2: Mitch and Cam Live It up with Fergus Anderson Mitch and Cam separate from the family on vacation to reconnect with old friend Fergus Anderson (guest star Rhys Darby from ), whom they can't stand.

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Mac Farlane often borrows the names of Rhode Island locations and icons such as Pawtucket and Buddy Cianci for use in the show.

But soon Mitch and Cam's obligatory meeting turns them into hangers-on when they discover that Fergus is a big-time late-night talk show host Down Under who might be able to introduce them to Hugh Jackman at a yacht party. Got it."____________________STORY 3: No Worries, Mate? The rest of the family is too distracted on their Australian vacation: Claire and Jay are obsessed with work, Luke and Manny want to see boobs at topless Bondi Beach, Alex is pre-occupied with her college application essay, and Lily is on a search for the perfect souvenir.

Memorable Quotes: Mitchell : "Are we gonna see Hugh Jackman in a bathing suit? "Cameron: "Oh my god, it's so big."Mitchell: "A bit direct, but, you know, he might be flattered. Memorable Quotes: Jay: "Claire took the lead on her first project at the company and scored a big one. Died at her desk."Haley: "Shopping with Lily is the best birth control in the world."Alex: "Yeah!

Oh, you're talking about the boat."Fergus : "They've already gone. The best part is, she beat out that arrogant gasbag Earl Norton over at Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets.

Hugh was standing on his deck in this skimpy little bathing suit, disappointed look on his face."Mitchell: "Wait, I'm sorry. I wish I could see the look on his stupid face, face, face, face."Manny: "Bondi Beach is topless."Luke: "Thank you, Trip Advisor."Manny: "So, uh, Luke and I are gonna take a break from the sun."Luke: "Yeah, we're kinda tired...

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