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( A great help to dating wares from the late 1800s to 1963 is that there are often impressed marks on pieces which give you the month and the year.These are usually on flat pieces, for example on a saucer but not on a cup.You may also find pieces which are impressed Spode and then printed Copeland & Garrett.

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Painted marks are often in red and marks can also appear printed usually in blue or black, (although other colours were used) or impressed into the clay so appearing colourless.Pattern was used on Sadler teapots since 1950, and discontinued in 2002.You can find many variation of Sophie Chintz backstamps through those eras The base of this teapot carries the blue Windsor backstamp along with the embossed 'Sadler' which is identical in style to the Sadler ribbon backstamp.with particular backstamps and are a little complicated.There are several series of letters and a different letter is used to indicate the year depending on whether the body is bone china, fine stone or earthenware.

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