Holiness dating

Jesus turned the other cheek out of love, but not because he was scared.

Instead, his spiritual director suggests not signing documents that are not honest just to get along, focusing on the work and ignoring the conflicts and power struggles that arise, even raising his voice to be firm if people are not letting him work. Thomas More, not sacrificing his values for the King, even to the point of death.

I had studied theology and dedicated myself to a youth group and ministry. Then I started going to confession more regularly with a spiritual director and having more spiritual formation, which put me into contact with some people living real, heroic holiness.

And especially after having my second child (kids have a way of bringing out the worst in you…), I realized how I wasn’t as patient, kind or loving in general as I thought I was. Even though I liked reading books about theology and saints, listening to worship music and podcasts, I prayed very, very little.

Only God working through us and conforming ourselves more and more to His will can bring any love to others.

God working through us depends on our freedom and willingness to give Him our time and our life for Him to take over.

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