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It‟s filled with stomach hurting laughter, rugby, boerewors and biltong.It‟s movie for the modern Afrikaner who loves the same old same.Even when we break on the rocks of unmovable producers and blow away like mist in the wind of the creative bureaucrats, we shall persevere. Make no mistake…unless you are the production accountant…then you’re on your own comrade…I have images to shoot.Make no mistake…creative work is like chasing a sunset…always moving…never finished…unless the AD stops you…or the producer starts directing…then it’s a whole new kind of crazy.Someone once said “Build it and they will come”…well I’m very comfortable with all cameras which are already built and use those to create your heavenly masterpieces…for everything else I will without hesitation pluck a DSLR from my resourceful bag of magic tricks and shoot in a frowned upon codec to capture feats of creativity even if the capitalist pigs *waves fist* have put monetary shackles on our pursuit of visual nirvana. Shaded with a shanty middle-class cap (on sunny and bad hair days), which resembles none of the pristine white fedoras of the famed cinematographers of old, I will traverse the battlefield which we call “The Set”.

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Since then they have made the transition to fashionista trainer of choice, and influential designer brands from Louboutin to Versace and Gucci have all created their take on the trend.

Jessie J may have tried to shock us with her revealing outfit, but our attention was firmly focused on her funky footwear.

Jessie topped off her all white ensemble with a pair of seriously lust-worthy white deerskin high top trainers by luxury Italian brand Guiseppe Zanotti.

Over the years I have familiarised myself with and befriended rental houses, suppliers and the people of these fine filmmaking machines we use to capture the children of our imaginations. But I digress; at the tip of our fingers are tools and talents so incredible that we as mere humans have become the bottleneck as to what can be accomplished. A gigantic vision and sense of purpose is more important than a voluptuous budget** (eating and paying the bills are overrated…right? It fuels our internal passion combustion engines which in turn revs up our creative cam belts which in turn drives all our other important components like the determination alternator, inspiration air-conditioner compressor and last but not least our growth power steering pump. Now that I have put your mind in a state of euphoria I will be right here waiting for your call.

**and we all know that you producers *raised eyebrows and pointing* have exploited this as a caveat, so I acknowledge your grin…

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