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I wonder what it is I'm whoring to get presents exactly, since I'm not the showy-fleshy type of girl." Other girls don't see wish lists that way."To me, it's the newest form of prostitution," says Camilla, 19, from Trondheim, Norway, who has had her own site -- now at -- since she was 15.

What if you put up a wish list, but don't show skin?

Kids as young as 15 are getting into the act of asking for handouts online -- toy and books and CDs and, of course, webcams -- so their online fans can get an even better look at them.

"I don't think that it's weird that people I don't know buy things for me," writes the 17-year-old who calls herself "Perfekt" on her Web site.

It was just what she wanted, because she'd asked for it on her wish list.

But that's nothing compared to the loot that a fellow "cam girl" friend has raked in off of hers: "Somebody bought her a really nice digital camera, a graphing calculator and a 0 gift certificate," Charisma says.

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