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Some equipment may not give you more of a statistical gain, but may prevent or lessen other forms of damage and offer resistances towards elements. If you are treasure hunting, Smell will inform you how many items are remaining in a particular area.Very useful for finding hidden items, as well as preventing wasted time from searching areas unnecessarily ******************************************************************************* WALKTHROUGH (WK00) ******************************************************************************* =============================================================================== DISK ONE: INTRODUCTION (WK01) Items: None After naming your character, the game will begin with various beautiful visions of a small isolated island containing a castle, small fishing village and ruin.

******************************************************************************* CHARACTERS (CHRS) ******************************************************************************* The Hero: The Hero is the son of Mollie, and Borkano, a fisherman from Fishbel. - Understand the Class system and map out your characters jobs ahead of time.

Evil Slash misses often, but when it hits, it always hits the target with a critical hit, causing an instant death to all metal monsters it hits.

If you are strong enough, using Quad Hits and Sword Danc can take out up to four Metaly's at a time if you are strong enough to instantly kill them with one blow.

The game will always allow you to have one at all times, so if you run out, get a new one. Revive spells won't come until later in the game and it can be costly having to always pay the priests to revive your fallen allies.

Don't be afraid to backtrack out of a dungeon or cave just so you can return to town to heal.

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