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They can even specify what their perfect first date would involve and whether they’d like kids.Some even go as far as to tell potential lovers when their release date is – although most avoid the subject of why they’ve ended up in jail.Only later, the father said, did the family learn Taylor 'was a fraud, a fake and a phony.'The father said his family, which lost a few hundred dollars, was duped by 'a very, very charismatic man.''It's easy to fall under his spell,' the father said. Rebold said Taylor from 2009 to 2016 boasted he was a billionaire businessman with oil and land interests in North Dakota to victims on online matchmaking and networking websites such as, e Harmony, Craigslist and Seeking Arrangement.He was also the founder of the dating website Two For Breakfast - he said it started in Washington in the summer of 2015 claiming he had 500 members on the site at the time."We have already helped many single prisoners from all over the UK to find companionship, both with single men and women on the outside but also with other single prisoners."We even have a lot of members on our site that are ex prisoners but who would very much like to meet others that have either been in their situation and understand prison life or those who are still in jail." It comes after we revealed the first British inmate has signed up with American site Inmate Connection.His elaborate five-year scam ended after a married couple, who met Taylor at a Philadelphia Phillies game they attended with their children on April 25, 2015, reported him to the FBI. S., was among six victims who spoke at the sentencing as Taylor drooped his head at the defense table.The father said Taylor boasted he was a billionaire oil tycoon as he led the family, including a child with special needs, onto a special elevator and down to first-row seats, where everyone from ushers to spectators gushed what a good guy Taylor was. Attorney Jonathan Rebold requested a meaningful prison sentence, saying Taylor had more than 10 past contacts with the criminal justice system.

Piranese is a prison planet where all the outcasts of the empire are held. No one escapes and there is only the faintest hope of survival.

When he was under the alias Jay Taylor he appeared on the Today show in 2014 with Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker host on Bravo.

He sat in a panel with five other people to discuss relationships as they were all on the dating site Plenty Of Fish.

District Judge Laura Taylor Swain described John Edward Taylor, 48, as sick and dangerous as she ordered him to serve three years and 10 months in prison in addition to the 14 months he served after a related Virginia conviction.

John Edward Taylor isn't the only name he goes by, he has several other aliases including Jay Taylor and Josie Reeser.

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