Ramapo college dating

Harry Maynes, Tom Moriarty, Dennis O’Keefe, Andy Wyzomerski, and A1 Morris are selected to League All-Star Team.They represent Northern Division in the 7-3 victory against the Southern Division in the BSIHL All-Star Game.If you’re still thinking it might be possible to date at Ramapo, take a look at your options, big boys: 1.The Sorority Girl – There are just signals from every single piece of clothing she wears.Ken Manna is selected to the MCHC Second All-Star Team.The College administration cancels the ice hockey program, once again citing budgetary problems.Jim Barrow, Director of the College’s Computer Center, forms the program and coaches the first team.

Ramapo plays in its first post-season game, losing to Brookdale Community College 6-2.

Dave Margolin shares MCHC MVP honors and is selected to First All-Star team; Ken Manna and John Yurcik are selected to the Second All-Star Team.

Ramapo loses its first opening season game in eleven seasons (to Lehigh University 14-3).

If you’re looking for a one-night stand and a curable STD, the BDSG is your gal.

If you’re more of a steady, two-night stand kind of guy, go for the future president. The Barnacle – You know what they say: keep your friends close, and your men in a straightjacket, locked up, with a bomb strapped to his chest. This girl is way past a Stage 5 Clinger; she’s the barnacle on your wooden shore pier.

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