Republican dating

Although this particular couple was married for over two decades, and when it did come to an end, it wasn't even over politics, but Schwarzenegger’s infidelity.

What I’m saying is that, despite your political differences, you can find love.

That one, right there, might create a bit of an issue.

According to the survey, Democrats meet for coffee dates 17 percent more than Republicans.

If somehow you can persuade them into thinking by going out with you you're bailing out her father on Wall Street, then you may get a "yes." If you're able to get an actual date, the Republican will only settle for going to an upscale establishment that only accepts credit cards with extremely high interest rates, while the Democrat will actually give you a choice in the matter and might even consider bringing a dish.

Once on the date the Republican will constantly be judging you, not only by the choice of red meat you select, but how rare you prefer it and how many hormones and artificial additives you are willing to ingest for her, but also they expect you to refuse to eat if served by someone they suspect to be an illegal alien or doesn't have a crucifix dangling from his or her neck.

I once went to an all you can eat restaurant with a Republican but that was only because she thought that the sign should be interpreted as all she can eat, and the rest be tossed in plastic non bio degradable garbage bags.

The dinner conversation with a Democrat might range from personal stories to global warming, healthcare etc.

The Democrat on the other hand would be willing to go to a food coalition buffet or order takeout from Chernobyl as long as the packaging is recycled.

I hear that Tim Mc Graw back-to-back with Jay-Z can actually be an enlightening experience.

Although many agree that talking religion on a first date is rarely a good idea, Republicans probably want that covered before you even get to a second date. Because Republicans are a whopping 200 percent more religious than Democrats.

But on those days where I actually contract a date, I've noticed a remarkable difference between going out with a Democrat and Republican.

The most difficult part is getting a Republican of any sort not to say "no," even before you ask them any question.

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