Rodrigo y gabriela are they dating Memphis chat line

Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela answered that question by moving to Europe and playing intricately fingered acoustic versions of their metal favorites.

Gabriela Quintero’s unique quasi-flamenco hand tapping and speed-blurred strumming technique fill in like a one-woman rhythm section. because we felt like Mulder and Scully approaching this — it was just a crazy idea, to see if a big Cuban band could play our music, a step in the dark," Rodrigo says.

With Rodrigo Sánchez’s lead stylings dancing on top, their performance is spellbinding. The album, which was produced by Peter Asher, is out today, January 24. "We knew it was out there, everyone has heard of Area 51, but we wanted to take it a little further.”.

It includes nine of Rod and Gab’s favorite songs from their own catalog, re-arranged and re-configured for a 13-piece Cuban orchestra comprised of some of Havana’s finest young players, collectively known as C. This album is a side project from the Rodrigo y Gabriela thing.

I guess that my advice is don’t get too focused to female or male, because music is music, and it has no gender whatsoever. The idea is to become the music you’re playing for, just forget about who you are. A veteran music industry marketer, she has spent over two decades doing marketing, PR and artist relations for several guitar-related brands including Marshall and VOX.

I’m wondering if you might have any advice for aspiring female players, just from your own experience. Whitmore is a singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco bay area.

I think you’ve brought a really unique energy to the acoustic guitar. I guess when players find their own way to do things, it does become unique. This guitar is Yamaha, custom-made by the Japanese Yamaha engineers.

And because of the nature of what I do, basically a lot of percussion on the guitar and the beat and all that, I need a lot of piezo pickups.

Whatever we do, we have to keep the element of surprise.” Has there been a more romantic musical story than that of the two Mexican heavy-metal aficionados – lovers as well as musical collaborators – who traded in their electric guitars and amps for a life of acoustic adventure on the road: blowing into Europe via Dublin, busking the streets, then setting festivals alight with their incendiary blend of metal-inspired riffing, jazz dexterity and latin rhythm.

With stocky, pointy-bearded Rodrigo taking the lead, and clear-browed Gabriela more rhythmic and intuitive, their talents and personalities feel at once clearly defined and fused into one entity.

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