Salud tequila lounge speed dating

Price: .00 Phone: (800) 957-DASH Age Suitability: 23 and up Speed-Dating: allows you to skip the excruciating hit-or-miss first date experience. Instead, with Dateand Dash you can chat with a large pool of people, choose your favorites, and see if they choose you! While searching floors 3-6 I probably tried on 100 pieces of clothing. and saw that I had spent 4 hours shopping I mean browsing…and thought okay em. I am not sure I’ll ever be in the market for a suit.

I should wait until the sun goes down…for my health and all. I figured the least I could do was try this top on…that is afterall what clothes are made for. I might as well yelled AMEN after trying this on…so after playing Guilianna Rancic in her 360 degree mirror–I realize I need to change and get up to the furniture section still. You buy tickets (/apiece) based on categories (“young professionals”), and show up the night of the event at whichever venue has been chosen (in our case, Salud Tequila Lounge in Bucktown).

This led to a discussion of bargain-hunting in today’s economy.

If you were to buy this bracelet at a high-end store, it would run you upwards of in all of its plastic glory (likely more depending on if it were real coral, turquoise, etc.) which is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

I am glad you found a nice piece.” sweet new best friend clerk: “whoa momma, now that’s what I am talking about…this is on clearance for .75” I. ) Don’t really think about the song lyrics and just go with it. Laugh=We drove to Nashville last week and as always a debate begins in the car when you are traveling for 11 hours. And Ash, being the owner of the vehicle that was responsible for getting the 6 of us safely to the South, naturally became defensive. I mean really my head was spinning thinking of how to calculate this. Should I have just walked to Macy’s and bought it flat-out for almost 0 with tax? I e-mailed the seller no less than 5 times in the 4 days it took to be delivered. Bachelor #7: A sprightly little Chinese man named Pei. ) The moderator of this spectacular event (an Eastern European man that Emily and I decided to refer to as “Vlad”) wanted to put Emily and I on different sides of the room. ” In response, I asked him if he wanted some of MY drink (number 4, as it were) and he politely declined. ” I asked him “I SAID I’M A SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASSROOM AID!! The remaining 3 minutes were spent in silence (aside from the sound of me trying to get as much residual alcohol as possible from the ice cubes at the bottom of my glass).

So balls in my court I guess and it is my turn to post on the newest and coolest blog. My mom, begins to pipe in but is quickly silenced by my dad and ash who are still trying to solve this problem without our help. I was in a full-blown panic until I received the watch. The seller had a 14 day return policy, so that helped my anxiety a bit…but I was still petrified. When the watch arrived, I opened it with trepidation…and it was…perfect. ) (Go to Macy’s for your watch batteries.) Blog moral? I saved on a watch by engaging in the Ebay battle. Spite bidding should not be rewarded…but sometimes it is. After eying orange-shirt-guy and his Jeffrey Dahmer expression, I made it clear that if nothing else, we’d be sitting close enough to hear each others conversations. Bachelor #6 (Jeffrey Dahmer) didn’t say a word to me. I actually think Emily got him to talk more than I did, but she had an unfair advantage, being a special education teacher in addition to oddly talented at communicating with weirdos. He was leaping from date to date like a little grasshopper.

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