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It was rebuilt and reused several times, but is still usually referred to it as the Fortress of the Jews.3) The Palace of the Jewish Tribe’s Head is also located in Khaybar, and was the home of the Jewish tribe of Marhab.As of 2014, Jews are now apparently, unofficially, allowed to work there, though not to hold prayer services.

CAIRO – 12 October 2017: International Saudi archaeological missions discovered many archaeological inscriptions, tools, and architectural blocks dating back to different ages from the Stone Age to the Islamic era.

Experts say the cause of this perfect slit could be the ground having shifted slightly underneath one of the two supports.

5) At the center of Tayma is Bir Haddaj, a large well considered to be about 2,500 years old, dating back at least to the middle of the sixth century BCE.

There has been no organized Jewish activity in the country for 70 years.

Even though a Saudi delegation visited Israel last month, anyone with an Israeli passport is banned from entering the country, as the two countries don’t have diplomatic relations.

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