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Lisa is also charged with fondling herself in front of the young victims.

Police also arrested Lisa Colbert and claim she knew about her husband’s molestation for years.This footbridge appears in a number of photos I have from a single, large collection, taken by the same photographer in Noblesville, Indiana in the 1890s.Other photos include Noblesville residents I can identify, so, being that the whole of the collection appears to have been taken near the heart of Noblesville, this is likely along Cicero Creek, or between the bank and an island on White River.The probable cause claims at one point Jayson told one victim, “If he said something Jayson would shoot his siblings…and that it would be his fault.” Kasey says the allegations are absolutely horrifying for her, because she lived alone with two young kids and the suspect would occasionally offer to look after her 4-year-old son.

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