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Willie was transferred out of Tamms and last July paroled after serving 36 years Lifeline: Several men asked for pictures of the people from Tamms Year Ten (taken at Chicago¿s Progressive Community Center/The People's Church).Some wanted to know something about each individual's personality while others simply wanted to put faces to them names of people who showed they had not been forgotten Autumn leaves: David, who was kept in solitary at Tamms made this simple request: 'I'd very much appreciate any photos of fallen autumn leaves.Prisoners asked for snapshots of old neighborhoods, many irreversibly changed, the religious, superheroes and images conjured by their imaginations.Home sweet home: Many prisoners at Tamms 'supermax' prison wanted photos that would take them back to their old neighborhoods.We have millions ofnaughty, sexy singles joining us every day, and now have over 22 million members looking for adult dates, sexy chat, or no strings relationships & fun. Local Sex Chat has more than 3 million profiles to choose from and free adult webcams for those interested in cyber sex.

' Laurie Jo Reynolds, from campaign group Tamms Year Ten which fought to close the institution, told Mail Online that it's important to remember that no one is sent to solitary confinement as punishment for their crime by the U. One man wanted a picture of a woman fishing by a lake beside an empty chair with beer bottles on it (and a Harley Davidson in the forefront).

Pat Quinn’s plan to close six state facilities – including Tamms and another prison in Dwight.

Illinois Department of Corrections notifications reviewed by the AP show transfers from Tamms of inmates such as John Spires, 57.

A solitary mind: There were requests for imaginary scenes from Tamms.

Prisoner Humberto, who was kept in isolation, requested this detailed black-and-white tableau of a lovesick clown holding an old-fashioned feathered pen, writing a letter Healing wounds: A mentally ill man Robert asked for a picture of his mother who had died the year before, leaving him with no family and no one to visit.

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