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Sadece ekranda karşıdaki insanı görerek çevrimiçi bir diyalog kurabilirsiniz.Tam olarak arkadasinizi canlı gördüğünüz icin, bu tanışma türü benzersizdir.A web chat is a special system or service that allows real time communication for users that use easy-to-access web interfaces.It’s an internet online chat type that is user-friendly and fully accessible by users, without need to install any specialized software for chatting.

Chat room can be used as a technology for information sharing online through text with other users.

We don’t necessarily need to meet each other in order to communicate, because we’ve got cell phones, computers, Internet, webcams that simplify this process and make it really convenient, especially if the person you would like to have chat with lives far away from your neighborhood.

And all this we can sum up as an online communication process.

Gerçek zamanlı iletişim açık sözlü ve dürüst olmanızi sağlar.

Son olarak, uzakta oldukları icin, gerçekte irtibatta geçemediğiniz insanlarla karşılasmak için webcam sohbet harika bir fırsattır.

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