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Of course, HP was started in a garage in Palo Alto.

In these and many other startup garage stories, there’s something primal, something irreverent about the type of experimentation that takes place in the garage versus the big tech lab company.

Regardless of whether or not a startup has the word “lab” on its doorfront or legal documents, all new companies are sort of lab experiments in and of themselves and carry similar risks irrespective of semantics.

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Furthermore, many of these founders and employees at “labs” companies could be very valuable to more mature startups or larger tech companies, so by creating their own shops, they have amplified this scarcity and created extra leverage in future M&A considerations.No matter the name, there’s something powerful in the word that reminds us of the old chem lab and that spirit of experimentation.Big tech companies have hearty budgets to set up “labs” for their best and brightest to cook up new ideas within.As a result, Oink has been downloaded, used, and talked about often in tech circles, though we will just have to wait and see how usage fares as the Milk team tries to get broader adoption or ultimately moves on to the next project.At the end of the day, however, simply labeling a company a “lab” just boils down to semantics. What does matter is how these smaller companies are forming around talent that the rest of the community can’t seem to recruit because there are stronger incentives for them to go down the “labs” path.

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