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Her target was not the morality of the sexual affairs, but the hypocrisy that permitted powerful men to be sexually free but denied such freedom to women.The reaction to the public revelation of the Beecher/Tilton affair was a great public outcry.She grew more intolerant of his drinking and womanizing, and of his occasional beatings.Canning became less and less connected to his family, finally leaving entirely. Likely during her troubled first marriage, Victoria Woodhull became an advocate of free love: the idea that a person has the right to stay with a person only so long as they choose, and that they can choose another (monogamous) relationship when they choose to move on.She joined the socialist group called Pantarchy, connected with Stephen Pearl Andres and advocating free love and communal sharing of property and communal responsibility for children in the comunity.On April 2, 1870, Victoria Woodhull announced that she would run for president, in the took on many social issues of the day, including women's rights and legalized prostitution. It's likely that many of the articles were actually written by Stephen Pearl Andrews and Victoria's husband, Captain Blood.

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Victoria also became more and more interested in women's rights and woman suffrage (the right to vote).Victoria met Canning Woodhull when she was 15, and they married.Canning Woodhull also styled himself a physician, at a time when licensing requirements were non-existent or loose.Because of the scandal this caused, Woodhull lost a significant amount of business, though her lectures were still in demand.She and her family had trouble meeting their bills, and were evicted from their home.

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