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So what signs should you look out for if you are trying to avoid people who are cheating on their partner?

One of the major reasons why coupled-up people join dating websites is so that they can get an ego boost to prove that they are still attractive to others.

Asking this question is not the same as excusing the betrayal or blaming the victim. Phil Mc Graw says, "there are no victims, just volunteers." Before you play the role of the innocent bystander, you need to look deeper into what's really missing in the relationship.

Now, if you are the perfect mate who has given everything possible to the relationship, the factor behind your mate's cheating could be the "challenge."The temptation to stray can be motivated by the challenge to conquer a desired person.

The rest goes as follows: he will hit you up late at night, chat when he’s at work or bored, but be busy or unavailable for stretches of time during prime evening hours and weekends once he’s been able to obtain the physical goal with you. Contact with be less frequent and he will make you feel as if you are being demanding or pressuring him into something.

Don’t feel guilty, it’s the game and he’s bringing about ‘the end’.

He’s familiar with the menu, overly charming and quick to call you pet names like babe, hun or baby.

If your lover says, "I'm going to leave my wife," chances are this person is lying.

If your lover accuses his mate of being mean and says derogatory things about her, this is his way to keep you on his hook – don't fall for the bait.

Here are signs that your lover is already in a relationship: If you find out that you are seeing someone who is already in a committed relationship, consider what you can realistically expect.

A cheater doesn't always say what he means, or mean what he says.

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