Stop windows from updating automatically

Almost every single Windows settings can be altered in the Registry Editor.

The story is not any different when it comes to Windows updates.

Being the last Windows version, it receives frequent updates, which can be pretty annoying.

The sad part about this is Windows 10 doesn’t really allow you to control these updates and at times, these updates install automatically.

In case you ever wish to change it back to the default one, select “3- Auto download and notify for install”.

In this method, you will make Windows believe that your internet connection is a metered one, and then it won’t automatically download all the updates over it.

As simple as this was, you can experiment with the different options available.

To find out which one and how to stop it, read the steps mentioned below.

When a new version is found we ask your permission to upgrade your Java installation.

You can schedule how often to check for updates, or check manually at any time.

These may even change a setting or remove a feature which you loved using.

After being criticized for this from a large number of their users, Microsoft eventually rolled out a few options that you can change to stop the Windows updates.

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